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16 Oct 2016
Best productivity app
You will find loads of productivity apps for your iPhone (or even the iOS ecosystem generally). All the various diversity that developers have exercised in designing and developing their productivity apps is amazing and breathtaking. With regards to productivity, to-do lists and timers top their list coming from all apps that have the possible to cause an immediate transfer of productivity.

stop procrastination
For this reason today we�re presenting to you personally a variety of both, a 24-hour countdown and to-do list tool that assists its users to live in keeping with their intention each day, called LiveToday. The app works excellent on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch and sparkles with intuitiveness and uniqueness. The developers, PAPAFU Limited, planned to make us not to devote some time without any consideration and believe us, they did.

The LiveToday app offers two cool features, a 24-hour countdown timer and a straightforward to-do list. Are they all so different? As they are created in a way that can boost productivity and have gone procrastination! The timer built-in this app is allowing users to determine the span of time stays today, having a sparkle that quietly burns away as time counts down - it doesn�t show in time its conventional AM/PM format. The to-do list is straightforward to work with and simple, promoting only 30 characters for each goal you enter. Your goals won�t disappear until you complete them and you'll be notified with reminders to stay for the a record of every day.

Alter the theme and the background, help it become appear to be you would like it, live each day to the fullest by downloading LiveToday totally free through the App Store!


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